Matías Nicieza

If you follow our project, then you know exactly how to contextualise this. Back in 2008, when we were weaving our documentary “Modelo Burela” (filming bridging shots, which would be later mixed with the 52 interviews to develop A Mariña´s human factor), it came to my mind the idea of paying a visual homage to my favourite TV show ever, Twin Peaks.
I thought of recreating as accurately as possible one of the show´s most iconic shots, that is, the one with the town´s welcome sign on the road. My idea was to transfer that shot to our own town, which slightly resembles Twin Peaks' geography.
It was just a little unnoticed joke right until some weeks ago, when I thought of posting the comparative image of the show's shot and my own recreation of it on my personal Facebook profile.
A few days later, I found out by chance that the picture was being widely moved around from another Facebook page, which is humorously devoted to international film dubbed into our language. It seems my idea found its audience as a meme. I could not be happier about that.
I should insist: this is not what this project is about. But in any case, Modelo Burela, just like another character from Twin Peaks, can sometimes change in appearance and location in the most surprising ways.

You can check the original Galician version of this entry at http://modeloburela.blogspot.com.es/2017/06/modelo-twin-peaks.html (Translated by Cristian Pernas)

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